Home Remodeling and Decor Trends to Avoid

Remodeling your home is an amazing chance to be creative and transform your home to fit your needs and desires. It can be very helpful to read about different trends in remodeling and the home decor industry to gain inspiration for your remodeling project. However, not all trends are worth incorporating into your new home. Some trends are impractical to install, will look dated very quickly, or are very polarizing, and are just better to avoid altogether. Here are some of the trends we recommend avoiding based on our experiences with home remodeling in St. Louis.

Overdosing on Bright Color

While a pop of color is an great way to liven up a room, when it’s overdone it can be too much and make the house hard to sell in the long run. If you want to use color on your walls, opt for something you can easily paint over, or paint just one wall as an accent. If you paint an entire room bright pink or fluorescent green, for example, not only will this limit your decor options in the long run, but you’ll have a difficult time covering it up.

Kitschy Themes

While a fun themed room may seem like a good idea at the time, you’ll likely regret it in a year or two when the trend starts to fall out of style. Instead of making your whole room about one theme, try incorporating small themed decor accents into the space to liven it up. This is a great solution, because you can switch out the themed pieces easily later on if they go out of style.

Harsh, Industrial Surfaces

Although the industrial design trend is still going strong, it’s important to balance out industrial features with softer design principles to ensure that your home feels comfortable and universally appealing. A good way to do this is by keeping the surfaces in your home more traditional and then using industrial accents to add some style. Consult with a St. Louis home remodeling firm for best results. For example, instead of installing tons of stark metal surfaces, opt for a more traditional composite counter and then accent with industrial lighting designs or metal trim.

Installing Unnecessary Walls or Counters

Open spaces are not only stylish right now, but they are also very practical for the flow of your home. If your home currently has walls or counters that aren’t serving a purpose, it may be beneficial for you to take them out, and you certainly shouldn’t install any that aren’t absolutely necessary. In general, it’s often better to have fewer rooms that are more efficient and effective, instead of dividing the space up into several smaller rooms that won’t be used as much. This is particularly important to consider in kitchens, where many people choose to install islands for aesthetic value, but then don’t actually end up using them.


A monochrome room may sound sleek and appealing, but in practice it’s usually either very drab or too overpowering. Why stick to just one color when there are so many great hues you can incorporate into your household? Instead of working with a single shade, pick a palette of a few complimentary hues that you like, and play with accent colors as well to liven things up. You can still keep things sleek and fashionable while using multiple colors, particularly if you stick to subtle shades. If you are struggling to decide on a color palette for your space, consider working with an interior designer, who may be able to help you make a final decision.