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Strategies For Promoting Your Remodeling Services

If you are an interior designer, construction contractor, architect, decorator, or anyone else who works in the remodeling industry, you need more than just talent – you also need to be able to promote your services and connect with potential clients. There are many strategies you can use to reach those who might be in need of remodeling services. Here are some that have been effective for home remodeling professionals here in St. Louis.

Feature your portfolio on Instagram and Facebook.

As a business, it’s no longer enough just to have a website – you also need to be active on social media to connect with those who are interested in your services. Social media also allows you to be creative and showcase your best work with photo updates, which is ideal for anyone who works in a visual medium such as home design. You can tag relevant ideas and locations to help target your posts to people looking in your area.

Get listed in local service directories.

When looking for someone to remodel their home, the first place people usually look is in a directory of some sort. If your service isn’t currently listed in local directories of remodeling, construction, or design services, contact them to ensure that you are in the future. Check in not just the local white or yellow pages, but also online directories specific to businesses in your area as well as industry-specific businesses.

Encourage clients to leave their honest reviews on sites like Yelp.

Many people use customer review sites such as Yelp or even Google Maps to review businesses in their area. They take these reviews seriously, because they are usually very honest and provided by people who have actually used the service. Having a strong positive presence on these sites is a good way to increase your client base. At the end of a client service, gently encourage them to leave an honest review if you think their experience was a positive one. Don’t be too forceful – you want the reviews to be genuine – but just putting the idea in the minds of your customers can be an easy way to start building up your client base.

In general, the more promoting of your services you can do, the better. Over time, your business will start to make a name for itself, and you will get a consistent flow of remodeling clients.